JR East Runs A Mock Attack To Help Employees Prepare For Possible Train Attacks

East Japan Railway Co conducted an attack simulation on Monday in the northeastern region of Japan to help train employees for an eventual incident similar to the recently reported incident at train stations in Tokyo.

The incident was simulated and witnessed by the JR East’s Sendai branch and the local police. The incident involved a woman posing as an assailant, who cut an individual and set off an explosion with the help of a lighter after spraying liquid on the carriage.

The simulation made use of an actual train car during the training conducted at Shiroishi Zao Station within the Miyagi Prefecture.

JR East employees evacuated passengers and injured while the security guard and conductor tried to talk to the woman to borrow time for the police to arrive.

Kyota Hattori dressed as Joker who is responsible for Halloween’s train attack

The employees were only given a brief overview before the event, the train operator stated.

In the wake of a series of violent incidents in trains, JR East has boosted security measures, including informing passengers about the location of emergency buttons and the introduction of security guards patrols along the Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet train) line that connects Tohoku with Tokyo.

Recent incidents include one where a man stabbed the victim and set ablaze inside the train’s express train, which was restricted on the Keio Line in Tokyo on Halloween night on October 31.

Joker train attack

Image from Halloween’s train attack where passengers are trying to flee from train through the windows

The incident occurred following a knife attack in August of this year. A man was wounded ten people in one of the Odakyu Electric Railway commuter trains in the capital.


Source: JapanToday

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