Jumpei Mitsui’s LEGO Version of Hokusai’s Great Wave


If you’re traveling around Osaka and are a fan of Lego sculptures, you should definitely visitHankyu Brick Museum.

This museum is specially dedicated to exhibiting the works of the only certified professional LEGO builder in Japan, Jumpei Mitsui. Among all of the marvelous builds, the LEGO version of the iconic Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa,” is definitely one of the major attractions.

The original being a breathtaking woodblock composition, its 3D LEGO replica is nothing to look down upon. Mitsui explains that he had been wanting to build Hokusai’s woodblock print for quite a while but had never gotten around to doing it. Since it is a very iconic image he wanted to make it so that it can portray the dynamics and pay homage to the original work.

Photo from Official Jumpei Mitsui Twitter

To make this a reality he began researching various texts related to wave formation and spent a lot of time watching videos of waves. This helped him to create the sketch shown below to visualize his final model.

Photo from Official Jumpei Mitsui Twitter

Photo from Official Jumpei Mitsui Twitter

Photo from Official Jumpei Mitsui Twitter

Mitsui takes commission works too so he has worked with many companies and his works have been displayed in other countries such as Thailand and Malaysia. He also owns a YouTube channel where he posts videos of himself building small structures like trucks, busses, and a variety of animals.

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