LOOK: An Example Of How Japan Depicts The Philippines In Anime

LOOK: An Example Of How Japan Depicts The Philippines In Anime

An anime episode featured several scenes set in the Philippines. Take a look at them here!

An image shared on news-sharing site Reddit showed several depictions of the Philippines in the anime series Charlotte. Shared last September 28 by Redditor “thirdworldpcgamer,” the collage contained six screencaps featuring everyday Philippine sights such as a Motolite ad, a guy in tsinelas sporting that trademark ghetto-blonde look, and shanties.

The image drew positive comments on how accurate the images felt and fueled speculations on which real-life locations inspired the anime scenes while some joked that the scenarios were too clean for Philippine standards. The link to the actual episode is also in the thread.

Interestingly, the conversations eventually brought to light several other instances where the Philippines was featured in Japanese works. One was a segment from the Square (now Square-Enix) strategy game Front Mission 3 for the original PlayStation. The game was a military drama involving mechs and battles and campaigns around the world, some of which involved the Philippines. In it, we’ve progressed enough to have our own space shuttle (!!!):


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