Lounge Indoors As A Japanese Schoolgirl With Winter Edition Sailor Uniform Pajamas

Japanese online retailer Bibilab tends to gravitate towards the more adventurous side of pajamas and bedding. Now they are returning with a seasonal update of one of their most popular items for the Winter and Autumn, with classic Japanese schoolgirl sailor uniform pajama, available in different styles.

Much like their previous entry in the series, the new edition of the Sera Core (short for Sailor Uniform Collection) consists of a comfy and elastic pull-over pajama set that is modeled after various popular Japanese schoolgirl uniform designs from previous generations, Kogal (1990’s) and JK (2000’s). The sets are also completely washable.

The warmer and thicker fabric of the Sera Core compared to a regular uniform.


Popular Japanese cosplayer Ayato Nikuyu models the different styles.

The Kogal style uniform (1990’s)


The JK style uniform (2000’s)


Loose socks to warm your feet


A scarf ribbon that remains loose and comfortable even as a pajama set


The Autumn and Winter versions pack extra thickness to keep you warm



You wouldn’t be a true Japanese schoolgirl without a phone to hide from the teacher.


Bibilab advertises it as a one-piece that leaves room for your stomach to get comfy made from a soft-sweat fabric.

Newly released, the pajama set is currently available on several domestic Japanese shipping sites for 8,400 yen ($82.87), but can also be ordered cheaper on Amazon.

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