Maid Delivery Service Starts in Japan: Campaign Features Cosplayer Moe Iori Delivering Omurice

Move over Uber Eats. There’s a brand new service in town providing lovable maids who are equipped to deliver meals with a great dose of “moe” to hungry human beings all over Japan.

However, there are a few apron strings connected. To start with, they simplest serve omurice.

That’s now not the sort of bad factor for most human beings considering that omurice (omelet made with fried rice and topped with a skinny layer of scrambled eggs) is a scrumptious and famous dish. Although it requires a chunk of skill to cowl the egg flawlessly over the rice, it’s clean to make at domestic with a chunk of practice. It’s also one in every of Japan’s favorite comfort meals and a staple of maid cafe fare, where it is usually decorated with ketchup, as you could see here:

The other connected string—and it is a huge one—is you’ll want to be lucky. How lucky? Basically, you and four other human beings (residing in Japan) might be chosen with the aid of lottery. More details about that below.

Even if the odds of having a maid supply omurice to you are slim, you could still enjoy the promotional video by way of Nippon Ham who just launched the “Maid Made Omurice” campaign, and, if you live in Japan, you don’t need to enter a lottery to buy their new “foolproof” microwavable omurice merchandise which allow you to make a great omurice every time.

Promotional video proposing Moe Iori

Nippon Ham has employed the services of popular cosplayer and gravure (glamour photography) model Moe Iori, who has over 630,000 fans on Twitter, to play the role of the titular maid inside the Maid Made Omurice delivery service.

After organising that omurice is the critical representative of Japanese culture, and that meals and maids are an ideal pair, the video introduces us to our heroine as she gears up with a yellow microwave oven strapped to her lower back and heads out on her mission to deliver omurice.

She will courageous oceans…

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