Man Broke into Ex’s Apartment To Steal Her Nintendo Switch

Although some couples can remain friends after their relationship has ended, most of the time, the most effective course of action for both of them is to take as clear a break as possible.

When you’ve said goodbye, it’s crucial to allow your ex the time they’ll need to let go. Typically, this isn’t texting to say hello and not telling them how much they are missing them or going into their home.

This one turned out to be a challenge for a 34-year-old of the Chitose city who got arrested on suspicion of snooping into his former girlfriend’s home and then robbing her Switch.

But his motive was not an attempt to deny his former beloved the joy that comes from engaging in “Smash Bros” with her, the newfound freedom of time after they split up. This man, who confessed that he was guilty, claims that he took the women’s game console as she owed him money. He lent her a specific amount of money while they were still in a relationship, but he says she’s yet to pay back.

“She still hasn’t paid back the money, so I stole the Switch to cover part of it,” the man told police, intending to sell it for a profit on the second-hand market.

Although it seems as he told the truth, the internet still trolls the guy for his actions. Here are some responses from on Twitter

“When you take out an individual loan to someone else, you must be prepared mentally for them not to be able to repay the loan. I was taught this in elementary schools.”

“This guy seems pretty whiny for 34 years old.”

The suspect was arrested on the 25th of September, but the burglary and Switch theft took place at the end of June. The transparent investigation’s thoroughness could contribute to Japan’s incredibly high rate of convictions and confessions. In this particular case, it appears that investigators could have solved the issue earlier, especially considering that the suspect went into custody for entering the home of the woman in May, during which the woman’s wallet got stolen and the key to her apartment.

As she did not change her locks following the incident, detectives rely on the notion that the man created copies of the key that was then used to gain access to her apartment after he took the Switch.


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