Man Claims To Have Slept 30 Minutes Per Day For The Last 12 Years

Daisuke, a 36-year-old Japanese man, has spent the past few years focusing on reducing sleeping hours to the fullest extent. His training focuses on getting sleep only 30 minutes per day without being tired at all.

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time in your day? Would you rather be sleepless to do the things that you love? Although that is probably true for most people, it is not the reality for many of us.

Daisuke Hori is one example. He claims that he has reduced his sleep time from approximately 8 hours per day to 30 minutes without any side effects of sleep deprivation. He is also the chairman of the Japan Short-sleeper Association. His goal is to help others reduce their sleeping hours so that they can live more.

Daisuke Hori sleep

A well known Japanese TV show recently interviewed Daisuke about his controversial sleeping schedule. He felt that 16 hours of uninterrupted time was insufficient to accomplish everything he desired every day.

He began to experiment with lowering his sleep hours and found that it was possible to do so while remaining energetic and healthy.

TV producers challenged Hori to show his daily routine for three days, as 30 minutes of sleep is not sustainable.
He agreed to let a TV crew follow him around and managed to survive on 30 minutes of sleep, even less than that.

Daisuke Hori sleep

Daisuke woke up at 8 AM on the first day. He had followed all his daily routine on trial. First, he went to the gym, read books, wrote articles for a weekly column, played video games, and finally, he went out for dinner with some friends.

He then made a few short videos about his sleeping habits for his YouTube channel after eating. After recording, he had another dinner, did chores around his house, and chatted online with others.

He finally fell asleep at 2 AM. Only 26 minutes of sleep was enough for him before waking up. He dressed up and went surfing with friends at midnight. After that, he hit the gym before returning to his home.

Daisuke Hori sleep

Daisuke Hori spent three days playing video games, mahjong, surfing, and hanging out with his friends, who, ironically, all are short-term sleepers. They trained together to reduce their daily routines so that they could spend more time together.

The 36-year old was most interested in how he managed to avoid sleepiness after eating. Most people can’t resist insulin spikes and drowsiness. Hori stated that he was indeed sleepy but made sure to take caffeine to prevent falling asleep.

Daisuke Hori sleep

Many were not convinced, even after seeing his bizarre sleep schedule on national television. Although he did admit that he had reduced his sleep time over the years, it was still hard to believe.

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