Men captured the “semi” that came into the train and the subsequent deployment is inconvenient …

Train … There is a narrowly closed space. Once you step in, it will be almost impossible to get out of the car until you get to the station.

A summer day, a guest who has not been invited in the train has arrived.

I will introduce “the summer mind ” actually experienced by a cartoonist ‘s Rakutaku Shako ( @ rakutadesu ).Episode which Rakuta Shouko posted was such memories of summer season full throttle.
It came crawling into the train by force, semifinal semi!

Some of the passengers probably did not like ciche. In addition, it is hard for a cicada to fly around in the car.

Then one man captured the cicada. As I tried to go out of the car as it was, the door ruthlessly closed the door in front of my eyes.

There is nothing to do, a man who left a semi in hand. And the cry of the cicadas echoing in the car. Simply imagining the atmosphere of the place, I can not help but feel comfortable …!

However, if there were no men, the situation inside the car would have been more disastrous.

The kindness of men would have been communicated to everyone in the car! A work of Shookakura who is active as a cartoonist is currently being distributed as an electronic comic. Please have a look there too.

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