“Mon-Mandala” By Japanese Family Crest Artisans


We were fortunate to interview with Kyo-gen – a team of “Monsho Uwaeshi” – the Japanese family crest artisans in Tokyo.

Each Japanese family has its own crest called “kamon” in Japanese which is a 1000 year tradition. Those patterns were seen on the battlefield with samurais, later, on traditional Japanese clothing with general people as well.

Modern Japanese family crest artisans showed us their cool patterns “Mon-Mandala” – cosmic proportions of kamons.

They invented their own algorithms for new pattern generation while they inherited the traditional patterns.

If you take a closer look and you’ll see they are drawn only by circles combining with the various sizes. You can read the interview with many other kamon images from our website.

More info: patternz.jp


KAMON the Avant-garde – Interview with 紋章上繪師 京源 (Kyo-gen) Japanese family crest artisans

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Japanese family crest artisan, Shoryu Hatoba works on the crest


Three Umbrellas


The Gourd Pattern


Cherry Blossom with its Twigs and Leaves


The Sitting Horse


The Snow Crystal


A Rabbit with the Moon


Japanese Wild Ginger Pattern


The Paper Mulberry Leaves


Three Creeping Wood Sorrel in A Tortoise Shell


The Diamond Flower Pattern




Source : Boredpanda

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