Most Expensive Japanese Bike Ever Sold At An Auction!

Sold for £177,035.59 on October 31, 2021, the Honda R213V-S is now the most expensive Japanese bike auctioned off.

It is now the highest-priced Japanese motorcycle auctioned in history. Honda’s R213V-S is the MotoGP-spec motorcycle that can be driven on the roads when you’ve got pockets large enough.

On October 31, 2021, this bike had only 213 of its variants (this machine was identified as number 58 in 2016) and was placed on the auction block during the Japanese Bingo & Yahoo! Auction with a price of ¥27,100,000. (including tax) equivalent to £177,035.59 at the current exchange rate.

Previous records for a Japanese motorcycle sold at auction was set by a 1 of 4 Honda CB750 Prototype (1968) with a price of £164,282.05, which is ¥25,132,935.84.

Hand-crafted to the exact MotoGP replicate standard virtually ensured that these bikes would increase in value over the coming years. It’s also believed that Marc Marquez was using the machine in his post-injury rehabilitation because the specifications are identical to that of the MotoGP.

This particular model is equipped with the Sports kit, which is included in the HRC Tricolour 191 kilometers in the books and 212 bhp in your reach – and yet it’s designed for ‘road usage,’ with lighting and indicators, as well as a plate holder.

Honda indeed claims that the machine was designed with the idea “a truly speedy machine is easy to use by anyone.”


Source: Visordown

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