Mother Arrested After Flushing Down A Newborn Into The Toilet

A Thai woman(28) was recently brought into custody as a suspect for allegedly abandoning her newborn baby’s body. What’s worse is that she flushed him down the toilet.

Police say Penpanasak Supaporn admitted to the charges. Fuji Tv reported that according to police, she claimed that she gave birth in her Shinjuku Ward apartment’s toilet on September 17. According to reports, she was 25 weeks pregnant and came to Japan back in March 2020.

The whole ordeal started when other residents complained to the building management that their toilets were not working correctly on Sunday afternoon. On Sunday afternoon, the maintenance worker discovered the remains of the baby in the drainage system and called the authorities.

Supaporn, a single woman living in the apartment, claimed that she gave birth in her bathroom and became unsettled when she saw the baby covered in blood.

An autopsy will take place Tuesday to determine whether the baby was stillborn. The remains of the baby still had the attached umbilical cord. It weighed around 635g.



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