Mother ‘Noise Noise …’ A 1-year-old son who looked at the baby and took an unexpected action

Mrs. Yusuke who is raising a son who is 1 year old . One day, Mr. Yu took his son and he went to see a baby friend who was just born. For my son, I face my baby who is my first experience of life. Yu was looking forward to “what kind of reaction does my son react”?

And my son will face the baby …. No way No way …! ! Run away at full power! ! (Lol)

A son who escapes without touching or taking a look even if he took him nearly many times thought what .

Yu official blog quoted from over
No way I was surprised to see a little baby than me, I ran away with full power. While thinking of pretty behavior, Yu said that he felt a bit uneasy about his son’s behavior.

This is someday when I got the second person … Can
I be an older brother properly?
It was a little uneasy event from now (laugh)

Yu official blog quoted from over
However, it is still a very young age.

By the time the next child is surely born, it has grown into a fine brother!

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