Museum Invites Visitors In Dinosaur’s Costume For New T-Rex Exhibit

The Tottori prefectural museum has opened its latest exhibit about the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The museum invited people to dress up as Tyrannosaurus Rex while watching the show. Many enthusiasts took part and happily donned giant inflatable Tyrannosaurus costumes. They enjoyed roaming through the exhibition halls learning about their “relatives,” and enjoying the show.

Japan Trex exhibit

It is rare to see museum visitors in costumes, but the Tyrannosaurus inflatable is a memorable example. It’s bulky, silly, and fierce all at the same time. This combination added a lot of surreal fun to the museum’s hallowed halls.

Video footage of the event shows the creatures moving up the steps to get to the exhibition. You’d be very confused if you didn’t know about this costume party. It was a wonderful day to visit the Tottori Prefectural museum!

It is called Tyrannosaurus Exhibition – T.Rex Amazing Carnivorous Dinosaurs and runs from August 28th, 2022, in Tottori City, Japan.

To celebrate its Tyrannosaurus Rex exhibition, the Tottori Prefectural museum invited visitors to dress up in dinosaur costumes.

They were not disappointed.

You can see the action of the dinosaurs:

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