“National Pretty Girl” Appears at Takahashi Hikaru Calendar Release Event

The 14th Grand Prix awarded in the All-Japan National Bishōjo Contest, many cosplays that we showed at the TV drama “Takamine’s Flower” in the TV drama “Takamine’s Flower” became a hot topic and since it has appeared in many commercials, it attracts the most attention now Actress Takahashi Hikaru (17) ‘s calendar release event was held at the Ikebukuro community college on Saturday the 23rd.

About the image of the fourth calendar this time, “It was a feeling that I was” life-size self “, but I was conscious of” adultness “this time, because I took it in the summer, it seems like summer I got a very good calendar! “Commented with a smile.

When I was asked for my favorite page, I answered with a smile, “I am wearing uniforms, I want to cherish next year because it will be the last year to be a third year high school student and wear uniforms.”

Regarding the place I want the calendar to decorate, “I’d like you to decorate it in the room, haha. Lol: I’d like to have a smile on the eyes and watch every day and smile” and tells the thought in the calendar It was.

Takahashi celebrating his 17th birthday the day before the event. “I greeted my birthday in an airplane, but my family was decorating the room and waiting for me when I got home, I was very happy.”

About the things that remained in the impression after looking back on the year a year, “The drama” Takamine flower “is still in the impression, as I was shooting in a shopping area with flashy cosplay, the shopping street where I saw it People’s surprised face is unforgettable, is not it? Laughing, “he invited reporters to laugh

As for my future goal that turned 17, “I am 17 years old and I’m looking forward to feeling like” Hua Seventeen. “As I am a high school student for the last year, I also want to enjoy student life, I want to challenge! “He told his enthusiasm.

· Release date launched nationwide from September 29 (publisher Hagoromo)
· Wall hanging B 2 size 8 sheets ¥ 2,600 (tax included ¥ 2,808)
source: Grapee


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