New Pokémon Nature Theme Park “Pokémon Wonder” Now Open In Japan!

The Pokemon story was influenced by Japanese kids collecting bugs, and combination with nature plays a vital role in the franchise. This philosophy is being applied by the Pokemon Company to a new Japanese theme park.

The eye-opening sensitivity of nature, from such feeling PokéMoN WONDER, Was discovered.

The new theme park PokéMoN WONDER is now open in Tokyo’s suburbs. It opened in July and offering the chance to begin your real-life Pokemon adventure.

Upon entering the forest, Professor Creso (クレソ博士 Kureso Hakase), and everyone’s favourite character Pikachu, will greet you. The guide will give you some information and clues to help you find the hidden Pokemon. You will have to search for hidden Pokemon and look out for pockets monsters.

The unique thing about this experience is that you begin your journey as a future Pokemon Master outside, in a forest deep within Yomiuri Land…
It covers approximately 4,500 sq. meters. And has remained untouched for more than 20 years.

PokéMoN WONDER has two courses: Over 50 types of “Pokemon” are hidden in two courses.

Whispering Bamboo Forest Course
Ancient Stone Wall Course

Have a look to the gallery of the park below:






One thing to remember that pocket monsters blend in with the natural world and are camouflaged, so pay close attention to every detail.

“PokéMoN WONDER” New to Experience the joy of interfacing adventure with nature.

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