New Regional Japanese KitKats, Straight From A Tokyo Island

Japan hasn’t released a new KitKat flavor in a while, but with the reopening of the nation to tourists starting next month, a new regional taste has emerged, honoring a specialty from Ogasawara, which is located in the Tokyo-area Ogasawara Island group. 

New regional Japanese KitKat


Ogasawara on the island of Chichijima, albeit physically kilometers from Tokyo, is nonetheless a part of the city. 

It’s difficult to travel to the Ogasawara Island group, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as getting there requires riding a boat for 24 hours one way from the mainland. But, the latest KitKat, which is created with “island lemons,” a specialty of Ogasawara, now allows us everyone to experience a flavor of the area. 

Island lemons were first grown in Ogasawara in 1973. They are picked every year from September through October when the skin is still green because they are sweetest and best eaten raw at that time. The fruit, which really is approximately 1.5 times the size of a conventional lemon with a more rounded form, has a little sour flavor and a crisp scent. It is perfect for use in jellies, jams, and confections. 

Locals in Ogasawara like mixing the juice with water and shochu, a clear alcoholic liquor, to create “Mizu lemon,” or “water lemon.” 


As the key ingredient in the latest “Tokyo Island Lemon” KitKat, the underappreciated island lemon is suddenly receiving its due. The new KitKats are supposed to have a refreshing sweetness and are made by mixing island lemon juice powder (equal to 0.6 percent juice) into cream, that is then placed in between the wafers. 

The color of the chocolate itself is similar to the green of an island lemon.  

KitKat KitKat

Ten little KitKats are included in the new edition, which comes in a package with a brand-new “contemporary Japanese style.” All 10 of the presently available regionally specific KitKats have the new design style, giving them a completely new appearance.   

When the latest Tokyo Island Lemon KitKats are introduced in the Tokyo region on October 3, we’re eager to sample them even if we’re not sure if we like the latest ideas. 



Source: Japantoday

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