Nursing Home In Japan Recruits Babies To Comfort Elders

A newborn wouldn’t be the best fit for many careers. They spend more time sleeping than awake. When they are hungry, they cry. To grab your attention, they have tantrums.¬†

Elder trying to hold baby in her arms

However, a Japanese nursing home would want to disagree.

To keep its elderly patient’s company, the Moyai Seiykai nursing home in Fukuoka’s southern prefecture is looking for individuals who have just left the womb.

Candidates must be between the ages of 0 and 3 and should not be proficient in Japanese. Their guardians, who are required to always be with their infants, can assist them in taking a walk with the nursing home patients, and they are free to report to work whenever they wish. They will be compensated in formula and diapers.

Elderly people holding babies in their arms

According to the nursing home’s administrator, Kimie Gondo, “even people who were in a poor mood or looked depressed all the time now grin once the babies come. They appear extremely joyful.”

Japan is getting older quickly. People over the age of 65, referred to as seniors, hit a new high record in 2021. Their population increased in general by 29.1%, the highest percentage in the world.

As a result, there are more nursing facilities in Japan to care for seniors who require assisted living. Nationally, there were 15,956 nursing facilities in 2020, up from 15,134 the year before. In the case of Moyai Seiykai, an increase in demand also implies hiring more personnel and having more children.

When Gondo took her granddaughter, who will be born in June 2020, to the nursing home, she observed how content the patients were and got the inspiration for this plan. Many of the elderly were cheered by the presence of other staff members’ children. They said they reminded them of their children as babies.

The babies’ primary duty is to accompany the residents on walks. Gondo continued, “Even from the opposite sides of the garden, you can see the old people smiling.

She stated in a telephone conversation while driving while her granddaughter shouted with excitement in the backseat over a passing ambulance, “Babies have a magical power.”

The facility currently has 120 residents, ages ranging from 60 to 100. At the nursing home, 32 infants work as “employees,” with some even making weekly visits.

In addition, Gondo intends to increase the number of programs for parents, such as cooking lessons, for when they’re not occupied with watching over their squirming, working infants.


Source: VICE

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