Participants in “Shibuya Halloween” agree with “measures” of some moby JOY, voice of approval

” Shibuya Halloween ” to become topic every year . Before the Halloween performance on October 31st, people who costumes gathered in the city of Shibuya will be celebrated.

Some people enjoy Halloween while defending their manners, while “annoying people” who litter their garbage and work criminal acts such as voyeurism and molesting.

In “Shibuya Halloween” in 2018, it was news that light trucks were overturned by young people.

In response to this incident, Talent’s JOY posted a comment on Twitter. “Shibuya Halloween” stated that people who violently acted were “embarrassment lining up with those who go crazy with adult ceremonies” and developed the opinion as follows.”Halloween events should only be allowed to participate by people who have hanging badges with face pictures”

Mr. JOY thought, “Participants are managed, and if you can identify the perpetrator as soon as the problem happens, people who do nuisance will also decrease.”

A lot of people sympathized with JOY ‘s comments.

【Internet reaction】

I agree with JOY’s opinion.

It is truly a miserable scene.

Even though the body grows, there are too many people whose contents are not adults.

I do not like Halloween, just people who want to ramp up are OK!

In addition, there seems to be some people thinking about measures different from JOY.

(other pirposals)

· Let’s make the Halloween event a charge. The proceeds are two birds with one stone if you donate to the afflicted areas.

It is one of the charm of “Shibuya Halloween” that anyone can participate freely. However, if there are many “annoying people”, it may be regulated.

I want to think about what each individual should do to keep “Shibuya Halloween”.

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