Peanut Earphones! Yes, a Japanese company designs a peanut earphone that opens on cracking its shell!

‘Supermarket Kakamu,’ a Japanese company that designs durable and sturdy “Peanut Earphones,” isn’t that an amazingly innovative idea!

Earphones have become essential for most of us. We carry them everywhere we travel. We roughly handle them, and thus we always are on the lookout for sturdy and durable earphones. But do you know which earphones are the sturdiest? Well, you will be happy to know that a Japanese media company has designed earphones that are peanut-shaped, and they look so real!

To use them, you need to crack the shell open just as you would do with an actual peanut. They are called “Galaxy Nut” or “Nut Pods.” Take a look at the unique and innovative product that will soon be on the market for sale!

These peanut earphones look like a mini snack when kept, ready to munch. Recently, Supermarket Kakamu shared the design of this unique earphone.

Food lovers may feel a little disappointed as they pick the peanut earphone, thinking that it is ready to munch until they crack it open to find the ear pods inside it.

We hope that the company will be able to soon release the “Galaxy Nut” or “Nut Pods” used by Android and iPhone users.

Products inspired by Food!

Supermarket Kakamu has a wealth of food-inspired products. The peanut earphones are going to be an addition to it soon.  In 2019, they came up with toast beds that look like dreamy kaya toast, with extra fluff to boot.

The leaves of Shisho are used to garnish rice, fish, and tempura.

I hope that we get the Peanut earphones soon in the market!

As we have mentioned, these earphones are yet not for sale in the stores. Before the company makes its products, the company releases the product designs, and the most popular items get sold on the online stores. We understand that you cannot order them yet, so we suggest that you visit their website to grab their other food-inspired products. You can also join their social handles to get updates on their upcoming new designs.

I am sure you are excited to get the “Galaxy Nut” or “Nut Pods” for yourself. Do let us know when you procure them in the comments.

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