PewDiePie Finally Gets To Move Into Japan After 2 And Half Years Of Trying

YouTube’s King PewDiePie has officially relocated to Japan and announced the move in a tear-jerking video clip nearly two and a half years since the announcement of his move.

Felix Kjellberg, aka Pewdiepie, is YouTube’s most subscribed channel run by a single independent creator.

Pewdiepie finally moves into Japan

He is Swedish but has been living in the UK with his wife, Marzia. Three years ago, back in 2019, he announced his plans to relocate to Japan.

The move didn’t come as a big shock to the “19-year-olds or the 9-year-olds” ( that’s what he calls his fans) who follow Felix, a fan of Japanese culture and has been to Japan numerous times in the past.

Pewdiepie finally moves into Japan

But, the pandemic put on their plan to move for over two years. Getting a home in Japan is a tremendous task for any foreign individual. And even after completing the tormenting procedure and finally securing a house, Felix couldn’t move in for so long. In addition to that, their house even got burglarized, and their 90% of belongings and jewelry got stolen.

Then, in May of 2022, the situation changed, and the government decided to lower border restrictions and prepare to let people in. So, after a nine-day break from uploading, he uploaded a new video today that cheered up all of the fans. The couple and their two adorable pugs, Edger and Maya, finally arrived in Japan.

His vlog walks viewers through the complex procedure of securing Visas and other requirements for moving to Japan. One hilarious part of the video was that they wanted to take Edger with them in a commercial flight in the cabin and not cargo because pugs already have breathing problems, but he was above the weight limit. And since he loves his pugs so much and wanted them to be comfortable through the journey, he got a private jet. He states, ” We’re flying a private jet because my dog is too fat.”

Although the video is mostly optimistic, the realization that both he and Marzia were finally able to make their dreams become a reality made him cry when they drove to their new home.

“Obviously, it’s been an extremely long and tiring journey; however, I truly, deeply appreciate everyone who supported the journey,” he said near the final part of the video. “It simply meant a lot that there was a lot of cheering for us and supporting us.”

“It is amazing to be here finally… I cannot wait to begin the next chapter in your lives.”

Many YouTubers congratulated them, and many fans commented that they even cried with happiness following his whole journey from 2019.


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