Pikmin Gummies will hit the store in September in Japan

It has been twenty years since the Pikmin first got released. However, it looks like the company has no intentions of bringing some proper sequels to the Pikmin series.

It’s not like we do not have anything else to rely on, like the re-released version of Pikmin 3 on Nintendo Switch and the upcoming Ninatic’s Pikmin app. However, if you want to enjoy something new to Pikmin, perhaps you can try Pikmin candy! But sadly, it is available only if you are in Japan.

New Pikmin-themes candies have been announced by Bandai’s candy department. These share many similarities with their in-game versions. According to the report from Siliconera, there will be three common variants and a rare white variant available.The red-colored Pikmin will have an apple-flavored taste to it. In contrast, the blue and the yellow colored Pikmin will have grape and orange flavors, respectively. The leaf that sticks out of the head will, however, taste like muscat grapes.

The last one will be a rarer white version that will have the taste of lemon and a hit of strawberry that will resemble its likeness in the game.

Each one is supposed to be comparable to a Tomato in size 

These sweets will reportedly go on sale starting from September 2021 for about $1 USD i.e ¥108
Image Sources: bandai.co.jp , siliconera.com and Nintendo Life

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