Pokemon doughnuts in Japan for the first time released by Mister Donut

The new Pokémon doughnuts are more than tasty , we tasted it and get our hands on some exclusive merchandise before the official release. After months of waiting, the new Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee! games are finally set to land on the Nintendo Switch on 16 November.

And to celebrate, Mister Donut is collaborating with the gaming giant for a new “Let’s Meet Pokémon at Mister Donut!” campaign. At the centre of the campaign is a pair of adorable Pokémon doughnuts, in the shape of a Poké Ball and the character Pikachu.

We were lucky enough to taste the new doughnuts ahead of their official 16 November release date, and we got to take a look at some of the other items from the campaign too! As soon as we locked eyes with the first Pokémon doughnut in the range, there was a second where we thought we might not be able to bring ourselves to bite into the cute face of Pikachu. However, once we were told that it was covered in a yellow banana-flavoured chocolate, with chocolate embellishments on the ears, cheeks and eyes, we couldn’t resist the awesome-sounding combination.

This was a delightfully fluffy doughnut, and as soon as we took a bite, a soft white cream oozed out from the centre, coating our taste buds with a mellow sweetness that was soon overtaken by banana and chocolate flavours.

It was a fantastic doughnut, and one we thought would be hard to beat, but then we laid eyes on the Poké Ball, which was deliciously round and plump.

The Poké Ball comes served in a special case that can be reversed to either feature the character of Pokémon, or the character of Eevee.

If you prefer berries to bananas, then this is the doughnut for you. Once you resist the urge to throw it, you’ll find that it comes covered in a delicious white chocolate and strawberry glaze, and in its centre lies a sweet strawberry jam, which melds together in your mouth for a superb flavour combination.

Joining the Pokémon doughnuts over the holiday period are a limited-edition collection of Christmas doughnuts, which went on sale on 9 November.

▼ The White and Berry snowmen retail for 162 yen (US$1.42) each.

▼ While the sparkly Chocolate Snow and Red Snow wreaths retail for 151 yen each.

Also retailing for 151 yen is the Yellow Snow Old Fashioned Wreath, featuring the flavour of banana.

And if you want something that lasts a little longer than a doughnut, there’s a beautiful mug duo designed to complement the collection.

The pink mug has an image of the holiday doughnut range assembled into the shape of a makeshift Christmas tree, with Pikachu and Eevee playing on the front, and even more Pokémon characters on the back!

▼ The white design has Pikachu on the front, and Eevee on the reverse side.

While the Pokémon doughnuts can be purchased separately for 216 yen each, the mugs can only be purchased as part of a special set. The first set option is for those eating in, and includes one of the Pokémon doughnuts, one drink, one coaster and one mug, for 800 yen.

The second option, for 1,080 yen, is for takeout orders only, and includes two Pokémon doughnuts, plus one extra Pokémon doughnut or two Christmas doughnuts, one mug and an original takeout box, in the design of a Poké Ball.
There’s a lot on offer, and it’s all for a limited time, so if you’d like to catch ’em all, be sure to head to a Mister Donut store in Japan from 17 November to 25 December.

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