Princess Aiko Celebrates Her Coming Of Age Ceremony

Japanese Princess Aiko turned 20 the previous Wednesday. She is the only child of the Japanese Emperor and Empress, and she finally underwent the official ceremony to mark her coming of age. On the 5th of December, Sunday, the princess received her Grand Cordon of the Order of the Precious Crown from the emperor.

Finally, after the ceremony, the princess is officially recognized as an adult member of the Japanese Imperial family on Wednesday. After the event, she went to the shrines that prayed for the family’s ancestors. Then she offered her prayers to the Japanese gods earlier during the day.

The princess donned formal attire. According to the Imperial Household Agency, the princess was straight and tall when presented with the award from her father under his warm eyes.

After she changed to a long white gown in the afternoon, her parents greeted the princess. A tiara from Sayako Kuroda, her aunt and emperor’s sister, completed the dress perfectly. The emperor’s sister left the royal household after her marriage to a commoner in 2005, a similar story to the recent wedding of Princess Mako.

According to the Imperial Household Agency, the decision to not have a brand new tiara made was solely the princesses’ and its because of the current coronavirus outbreak.

After receiving her parents’ greetings and parents, the princess appeared in the palace to take photos with reporters and said “thank you” in response to congratulatory messages.


Source: Kyodo

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