Pumice Pebbles Swarm Japanese Beaches After Undersea Volcanic Eruption

Recently the southernmost beaches in Japan have been facing quite trouble due to washed-up pumice pebbles. These pebbles are the result of an eruption of the eruption of Fukutokuokanoba undersea volcano.

According to official reports, the eruption of mid-August 1000-km away from Tokyo in the Ogasawara island chain has damaged spewed up tons of pebbles around the beaches. It has damaged tons of ports and fishing boats, forcing the central government to establish an actual task force.

Almost 30 ports have been affected by the pebbles in Okinawa and Kagoshima, according to the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihiko Isozaki. The situation is so terrible that the ferries across Kagoshima and Okinawa have been told not to operate.

There is also the risk that the pebbles will travel farther across the seas and affect the entire Japanese coast. The damages to fishing industries will be covered by insurance, and the local government is receiving full support from the task force in the form of a disaster recovery project.

The pebbles are likely to submerge over time and be home to different corals, but no one can predict the actual time that this will take. For the time being, the Japanese Coast Guards and Nuclear Regulation Authority are closely monitoring the situation about the impact on nuclear plants near seas.


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