Purple Sweet Potato McShake has been brought by McDonalds Japan

Japanese Shake market is almost numberized to be most sweetest shake market in Asia. Japan loves limited time only goods, and the transition from summer to autumn is the perfect excuse to get all those new products on the shelves, to await customers hungry for a taste of the new season. Get ready to see a whole host of new items boasting autumnal flavours such as pumpkin, sweet potato and chestnut particularly.

The Crispy Sweet Potato Frappuccino for Autumn have been recently released by starbucks in Japan, and not to be outdone, McDonalds Japan have just announced their own sweet potato inspired fall treat, the Purple Sweet Potato McShake.

Both purple sweet potato and sweet potato flavour have been used to create the perfect balance of sweetness. The shake has a creamy texture befitting the mild taste of the potato.

There’s not much actual vegetable to had though, the beverage contains just 4% real sweet potato and sweet potato extract.Despite being a chilled beverage, the rich flavour is perfect for the season.

It’s not just the hearty taste of the sweet potato which will make you feel autumnal, the purple colour of the shake matches the season too.The Purple Sweet Potato McShake will hit McDonalds restaurants from 26th September and will only be available until the middle of October.

Source: Grapee.jp

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