Rainy Days are Perfect for Exploring Japan

Yeah …!!!! Rainy Days are Perfect for Exploring Japan

Rainy days can be a wonderful time to see and do amazing things in Japan. I hope this gives you some ideas for those rainy vacation days!

Do Visit Hokkaido and Okinawa in Rainy days to feel Heaven withing the Earth’s Boundary

Excellent PLACE to visit the extreme ends of Japan — a rainy season hack for people who really don’t like the rain.

For one thing, Hokkaido has no rainy season, and the typhoons spinning their way across Japan usually peter out while heading northwards. It’s why June is also the month for beer gardens and festivals in Hokkaido!

June is also the start of hiking season in its numerous national parks; but for those who prefer their adventures a little less rugged, you can enjoy the flowering season in Hokkaido, beginning with lavender fields in Furano.

Okinawa, on the other hand, is a rather overlooked travel destination in Japan because it’s often compared to cheaper beach destinations in Asia, such as the Philippines or Thailand.

But it’s a fun and gorgeous place to visit, especially for second or third visits to Japan, and for adventurous families with children.

Though technically a part of Japan, its culture and cuisine are distinctly different from the Japanese mainland, with friendly, laid-back inhabitants and food with a more Taiwanese/Southeast Asian influence.

June in Okinawa is warm, but not oppressively hot and humid, and typhoon season usually hasn’t started yet. It’s the perfect time for kayaking, sailing, and scuba diving in the crystal-clear waters around the islands.


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