Ready-To-Drink Curry Is Now Available in Japan, By Courtesy Of Sapporo

From Horse meat to Whale meat and from natto (fermented soybeans) to shirako (fish’s sperm sack), Japan’s food taste could seem quite unusual to the rest of the world. However, everyone can agree that the variety of food you get here is marvelous.

Similarly, some ready-to-eat, canned drinks, and instant foods aren’t bad either. Hence, they have now come up with ready-to-drink curry. Yep, you’ve read that right.

One of the top Japanese beer companies, Sapporo, has come up with the idea to sell ready-to-eat curry in an aggressively curry-loving nation.

This is not an instant curry base that you must heat in a pot, microwave, or boil. It’s a ready-to-drink mix you can open immediately if you’re craving some curry.

Image: soranews21

It’s officially called Curry na Kibun Chukara. According to soranews24, it loosely translates to “I Feel Like Some Medium-Spicy Curry”). Sapporo delivers a mouth-watering mixture of pork, beef, and vegetable flavors. And one of its salient features is that it contains a unique variety of 10 spices from its sister company Yasuma. Yasuma is the maker of the famous line of Mascot cooking spices.

Image: soranews21

For those who have the willpower not to gulp it all in one go, the can comes with a resealable lid. You can have it either pre-heated or at room temperature. It can cost 140 yen ($1.30) and weighs around 170grams. It’s not enough food to make a meal, so Pokka Sapporo suggests pairing it up with bread or onigiri Rice Balls.

Do try this product from a leading beer company! And don’t forget to tell us what you think about this product.


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