Russia Warns Japan To Not Intrude Regarding Matters With Ukraine

The Russian foreign minister’s office warned Japan to avoid the Ukraine crisis. This is after U.S. officials referred to a “close alliance” with Fumio Kishida, the Japanese Prime Minister, in the context of a possible eruption of violence in Eastern Europe.

Ukraine’s ambassador to Japan Sergiy Korsunsky speaks at a news conference in Tokyo, Japan, January 26, 2022. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

The Foreign Ministry Of Russia expresses “puzzlement” at why Japan is trying to intrude and is willing to take action against the decisions from Russia regarding Ukraine.

Russia’s recent mobilization of military force around Ukraine has raised widespread concerns about expanding war in the ex-Soviet satellite state. This is primarily because Russian officials have indicated that a practical contraction of NATO will be necessary to avoid the crisis. As President Joe Biden’s virtual meet with his Japanese counterpart has shown, these tensions have global diplomatic consequences.

A senior Biden administration official said that the two were “very close together” regarding the Russian challenges presented to Ukraine. “I think Japan — The prime minister complimented President on his handling of the situation and made it clear that Japan would stand with the United States during the difficult days ahead.”

Biden and Kishida met virtually at the same time as Secretary of State Antony Blinken had a face-to-face discussion with Lavrov in Geneva. The dialogue resulted in a commitment to discuss possible diplomatic solutions. Still, Russian officials reiterated the most inexcusable demand to the trans-Atlantic coalition: the United States, Western Europe, and Canada cut security ties with Eastern European NATO members. These NATO members joined the bloc to protect themselves from Russian threats.

Oana Lungescu, the NATO Spokeswoman, stated Friday that NATO would not relinquish its ability to defend and protect each other after Russian officials named her country, Romania, as one of the allies that would lose the benefit from Western military partners.

Russian President Vladimir Putin requested support from Xi Jinping, Chinese General Secretary. According to President Vladimir Putin, the response from Xi was very positive, as China promised to support its initiatives fully.

NATO Deputy Secretary-General Mircea Geoana stated that Russia’s demands would lead to NATO members of first- and second-class status, something she could not accept. “We will always respond to any deterioration in our security environment, including strengthening our collective defense.”

This impasse was reopened after Blinken’s and Lavrov’s meetings. It contributed to the transatlantic unease that Putin will mobilize Russian forces into Ukraine. Biden’s team did not respond to reporters asking if the Japanese leader was willing to join the U.S. as retaliation against such an invasion.



Source: Washingtonexaminer

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