Russia’s Missile Hits Japanese Tanker In Black Sea And Injures A Crew Member

A Japanese-owned cargo vessel was hit with a missile the Black Sea, in the south of Ukraine and one of the crew member has been hurt. Reuters reports that a Russian missile struck the ship’s stern and set the vessel ablaze.

japanese ship missile russia

On Friday, the Ukrainian defense ministry posted on Facebook that the Panama-registered cargo ship Namura Queen had been bombarded in the Black Sea.

A shipping company located in Imabari City, in the western Japanese prefecture of Ehime, owns the vessel.

Officials from the company claim that all 20 crew members are Filipinos and that one was injured in the shoulder. According to reports, the remaining 19 crew members were uninjured.

Japanese ship bombed by russia

Reuters reported that a Ukrainian shipping company said the vessel was on its route to load grain at Odesa, in southern Ukraine.

Details of the attack are being verified by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism.

According to the Japanese ship-owner, the firm managing the vessel was notified of a missile attack Friday night in Japan.

According to the ship’s log, it was heading to Odessa to load its cargo. However, it is now heading to Turkey to inspect its condition.

Officials from the company say it’s great that the crew is alive and want them to safety as soon as possible. According to the official, the company is hopeful that the situation will improve as Russia and Ukraine are both essential players in the supply chain.

A total of 3 ships have been hit similarly by Russia’s missile heads during this war. Below is the devastated bunker tanker MILLENIAL SPIRIT which almost drowned.


Source: NHK

Images: Fleetmoon

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