Sam Grewe receives a kind letter from Japanese Man for Inspiring His Son

The stories of athletes participating in the Olympics always tend to move our hearts. They have all struggled a lot to compete and be the best of the best. We have also come across a story related to an inspirational athlete, which is very wholesome.

Sam Grewe is a high jumper representing the USA in the Paralympics. The Official Paralympic site states that “Grewe was diagnosed with bone cancer in his right leg in 2011; the following year, his leg was amputated above the knee.”

Little before his event, he received a tiny piece of paper note from a man. Sam was touched by the writing and posted it on his Twitter which went viral quickly, amounting to up to 58k likes and 9.8k retweets. It turns out that the man who delivered the note to him is a member of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organising Committee, Masaki Kando.

He writes that he had a teenage son with bone cancer on the right knee and had been through Rotationplasty. The Japanese man was anxious because even though he had much information about the surgery, he didn’t know how it would function after it was over, especially in Japan.

Mr. Kando also replied to the Tweet from Sam thanking him for his kindness and that his son also shared the same birthday with the athlete.

Sam seemed definitely motivated by this note and we can clearly see it from his caption. Sam later went on to win a gold medal in the men’s T63 event for the USA.


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