Famous Japanese Weather Reporter, Saya Hiyama, Cosplayed Yor From Spy x Family

Saya Hiyama, the fan-favorite weather reporter from Weathernews Japan, recently shared a tweet with her cosplaying as the new waifu in town, Yor from Spy x Family. The post has received more than 176k likes as of this writing.

The tweet contained four pictures of her posing in Yor’s signature black dress on June 26.

She was wearing the black dress of a female assassin and a pair of golden hair ornaments. Her cousin took photos of her from different angles and distances. The post states, “Spy x Family Thorn Princess Yor Forger.”

She laughed at her colleague’s compliments on the cosplay, calling it pretty.

More than 360k people follow her on Twitter. She also loves anime. The June 17 tweet photo captioned “Shafudo,” in which she acted the pose during Weathernews Live, received over 145k likes. It is a term used to describe Monogatari’s Koyomi Araragi pose, known as “Shaft Head Tilt” in other countries. She introduced a new CM for Weathernews voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, which led to this scenario.

“So shocked that Shafudo went viral?” This …” She expressed her confusion about the growth of the post.

Saya Hiyama cosplay

Her first cosplay experience was not with the Yor Forger. Weathernews Live’s official TikTok channel posted a video of Haruhi and Violet Evergarden cosplaying to explain what causes static electricity.

The cosplayer uploaded a photo of herself dressed as Violet Evergarden to Instagram in June 2022. “I’m glad to be your friend. If you wish, I will travel to your location. Auto Memory Doll Violet Evergarden, at Your Service.” she captioned her post with a quote from the character’s greeting. More than 270k people follow the reporter on Instagram.

Yor Forger, a female assassin, is from Tatsuya Endeo’s Familymanga in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ manga. Since March 2019, the work has been in production. CloverWorks and WIT Studio are animating the adaptation. Part 1 aired between April 9 and June 25, 2022. Part 2 will air in October 2022.


Source: Animecorner

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