Son Of Liev Schreiber Looks Just Like Howl From Studio Ghibli

Barron Trump, Donald Trump’s kid, went viral in Japan in 2016 when he was branded a bishonen (“pretty boy”) idol. Now another famous child, 13-year-old Samuel Kai Schreiber, is making headlines for his bishonen status.

Howl Studio Ghibli

He is the son of Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts and the younger brother of Alexander Pete Schreiber. While both brothers have similar appearances, Kai has long, golden hair that has recently captured the attention of Japanese fans.

Kai’s appearance rapidly became viral, with over 130,000 likes and 14,000 retweets.

The young Schreiber looks to resemble more than just one Japanese anime character.However, the majority of the internet users found him exceptionally similar to Howl from Howl’s moving castle.


The viral photo of the father and son was taken during the 2017 Emmy Awards several years earlier. Before the event, the proud father uploaded images on social media, characterizing his son as “the very dapper and downright gorgeous Kai Schreiber!!!” and expressed gratitude to all who assisted them behind the scenes.

People have been wondering how Kai looks now. Kai looks to have preserved his long locks, which look suitable for a live-action adaptation.

As Studio Ghibli had announced a while back, live-action Spirited Away is on the way. So there could be a chance that Kai could play a future live-action Howl’s Moving Castle movie and bring our favorite Studio Ghibli hero to life!


Source: Soranews24 . Twitter/@poisoncookie00 

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