Sony’s New EV Successfully Driven Remotely in Germany From Tokyo

Sony’s Vision 01 has made quite an achievement in the field of technology. Sony’s teamed up with Vodafone to conduct an extraordinary experiment. They went ahead and gave the car’s controls to personnel in Tokyo while the vehicle was in Aldenhoven, Germany. Then thanks to the 5G internet connection, the car moved without anyone inside the car touching the steering wheel.

Although the two locations are 9363 km (5,817 miles) apart, The “test driver” working from his desk using three monitors in Japan’s capital could control the Vision-S01. He was able to bring its speed to 38mph (61 km/h) using the accelerator pedal that appears to be an actual gaming steering wheel. The setup also came with a brake and clutch pedal.

There was a standby driver in the car. If somehow the connection got rough, he would drive the vehicle safely. Since the car is electric, it has zero emissions. With this project, Sony and Vodafone’s objective was to study control and codecs that would allow for instant and continuous video transmission in real-time. Sony stated that the control and video commands could only be transmitted instantly courtesy of Vision-S 01’s Telematics system.

Sony's Vision S01 EV

It’s safest to say that this stunning demonstration by Sony takes the Remote Play function to a new level, having been launched for gaming consoles a few years ago. Sony goes toward developing a “completely new experience in mobility,” including a combination of virtual and real. ”

In terms of the car, it could actually be constructed. Sony unveiled the Vision-S02 SUV concept today at CES 2022. They said it would create the “Sony Mobility” company in the spring of this year to study a possible launch into the electric vehicle market.


Source: Motor1

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