Squid Game’s Doll Is Actually In A Museum In South Korea

Squid Game is on its way to becoming the most-watched Netflix show within a mere couple of weeks of its release. It has introduced a lot of new viewer’s to the Korean drama side of the industry.

The doll in The Red Light, Green Light game played in Squid Game was actually part of Jincheon County’s carriage village in Chungcheongbok-do, South Korea.

In the words of Koreaboo, the doll was taken back to the village following filming. The doll was there before when Squid Game began filming. The team that produced it took it for a short time and returned it following the film.

To avoid spoilers, the museum which was home to the doll was asked if it could cover it. They agreed to cover it. The doll is missing one hand. The doll had both hands in the course of drama; however, the doll was absent when it returned. No explanation has been given to the media at this point.

A similar doll also popped up in a Shopping Mall in the Philippines. However, the purpose of this doll seems to be to discourage people from jaywalking.

However, the squid game has received a little backlash as a couple of its scenes are very similar to a Japanese movie. As The Will Of Gods shares similar scenes with The Squid Game, such as the doll theme, clock timer, and exact acting pattern in one of the games.


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