Stockings With Pre-Painted Toenails Are The Latest Craze In Japan

Can’t be bothered to paint your toenails or simply don’t have the time? Well good news, because now you don’t have to thanks to these toe-tally (sorry) bizarre pre-painted toenail stockings.

Invented in Japan (where else?) by Belle Maison, the stockings come with a variety of pre-painted colors and designs that are sure to suit every occasion. You can even change them throughout the day to select the colors that best suit your mood! From stripes and polka dots to tiny hearts and shells, the only limit is your imagination.

So next time you’re thinking of decorating your toenails, leave the polish on the shelf and pick up a pair of pre-painted tights instead. They’re cheaper than a pedicure and they last longer too. They’ll also make you the talking point of parties and social events, for one reason or another…

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Article Source: Bored Panda

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