Student Designs Bicycle Using Traditional Japanese Interlocking Woodwork

Kigumi is a conventional Japanese craft of that interlocks wood joints. The intricate form of carpentry makes use of no nails, screws, or glue and frequently produces complicated but lovely structures. Japanese university scholar Enji (@enjiblossomlily) is displaying the splendor of the age antique craft with his recently completed graduation mission: a bicycle offering kigumi layout!

You might expect Enji to be a carpentry pupil, but he is not, making it all the greater impressive. Enji’s graduation challenge turned into for the Tokyo College of Cycle Design, with a view to be showing the intricately designed thesis mission bike in conjunction with others from March 1st-3rd.

Enji titled the motorcycle “Kitsure”, and describes the venture’s idea as “Japanese modern-day”, and while making the bike strove to take away what’s appeared as not unusual sense inside the bicycle global and integrated conventional Japanese woodwork and architecture. The end result is a fusion of conventional and cutting-edge that situates a geometrical kigumi layout at the middle of the bike. The bicycle fits right at home walking down the streets of some of Tokyo’s older and greater conventional searching neighborhoods.

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