Study Shows That Death Of Youths In Japan Is Mainly From Suicides

Among the countries having similar economic status, this kind of situation is only observed in Japan.

A Japanese government released some alarming statistics related to suicide. Utilizing data from throughout the year, the government found 659 suicide cases among those aged between 10 and 19 and a rise of 60% over the prior year.

This increased the number of suicides per 100,000 within the age range 10-19 to 3.1, a rise of 0.3%, which is the most number on records since these statistics started being documented. Another critical point in the report is that suicide was the most common cause of death for Japanese citizens between 15 and 39. Compared to WHO data, Japan is the only economically advanced nation where suicide is the most common cause of death for those aged 15-34.

Suicide is the most common reason for death in Japanese teenagers, as well as young adults. It isn’t a brand new phenomenon for Japan. Relatively low levels of violent crime and street shootings, while dependence on a highly safe public transportation system ensures fewer traffic fatalities and deaths, which are all significant causes of death among the healthy population of young people across all other nations. Take into account Japan’s vast health system and national health insurance, and illness is far less of a risk to young Japanese people than it might be in other countries.

Comprehensively, taking all aspects into account, the fact that suicide is the primary reason for death in the 15-39 age group isn’t only an indicator of high rates of suicide. It also states the degree of safety when anyone lives in Japan, and the risk of being killed by other circumstances is shallow. The report also revealed that suicides were generally lower in Japan in 2019, falling from 671 to 20,169. The decline was seen for all age groups, except the 10-19 age group.

Yet, as improvements in transportation safety and medical research are always a priority, the government is also trying to discover ways to cut the suicide rate down. It’s a pressing issue because data provided by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and the National Police Agency have shown an increase in suicides from July to October 2020 compared to the same timeframe in 2019. Experts note the emotional and social isolation that comes with the epidemic as a factor in an increase in suicides among teenagers.

If you or someone you know is in Japan and has thoughts of suicide, there are many people in Japan to assist. Find out more here.


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