In A Japanese Survey, Half Of The Women Said Work Interferes With Their Marriage

A majority of women believe that work interferes with the flow of their marriage, according to a poll among women registered with an agency for temporary staffing in Tokyo that highlights the struggles women have to overcome when trying to find a balance between work and home life in Japan.

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The women who stated that they “somewhat believe” that work can be a barrier to marriage accounted for 37.7 per cent of respondents. An additional 10.9 per cent said they “strongly think so,” according to the survey by B-style holdings.

In contrast, 32.8 per cent of women replied to the question that they “do not think” that work can be a barrier to marriage and 14.6 per cent said that they “do not believe it in any way.”

Four per cent of respondents said they didn’t have any idea.

The survey, which ran from May 11-18, was based on answers to a study given by 549 ladies who were or had been married. If asked about how their husband’s understanding of their job affects the degree of satisfaction, 67.4 per cent said they think that happiness “increases by having this understanding, but declines when it is not.”

It is followed by 20.4 per cent of people who believe that their happiness “doesn’t alter even when they can understand; however, their happiness diminishes without understanding.”

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One of the respondents, an employee on temporary duty who was in her 40s, said that while women can manage work and marriage, it can be challenging to balance both when the child is born. “Women require some type of help.”


A woman in her 50s emphasized the importance of a husband, considering the wife’s circumstances. “A woman can’t make marriage and work function without understanding from her family or support.”

Keitaro Kawakami, a consultant at the research institute, stated that one of the most significant aspects that influence marital happiness is the degree to which the husband is attentive to his wife’s desires concerning work.


Source: JapanToday

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