Terrifying footage shows plane nosediving during cyclone

THIS is one flight you’ll be glad you weren’t on-board.

Terrifying footage has been released showing a Boeing Dreamliner aircraft taking a brief nosedive as it attempted to land in Japan during Typhoon Cimaron.
Windshear hit the plane, which had its landing gear down at the time, as it descended on Tokyo’s Narita Airport. As a result, it can be seen taking a terrifying sudden dip towards the ground.
The pilot was able to correct the nosedive and aborted the landing. It touched down safely on the second attempt, British tabloid The Mirror reported.

The strong typhoon barrelled toward Japan’s northern island on Friday after churning over parts of western Japan already hit by deadly flooding last month, but while transport links were disrupted, injuries and damages were limited.
Typhoon Cimaron made landfall late Thursday and passed over the Japanese archipelago at night, bringing winds of nearly 200km/hr and dumping up to 600 millimetres of rain in 48 hours, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Images showed torrential rain, flooded streets and some structural damage with roof tiles blown off and one lorry overturned on a bridge by the high winds. Footage also showed a 60-metre wind turbine felled by gusts on Awaji island, western Japan, crushing two nearby power pylons.The storm left nearly 100,000 households without power and forced airlines to scrap around 300 flights on Thursday and Friday. Bullet train services in the region were temporarily cancelled.

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency said 30 people were injured while non-compulsory evacuation orders and advisories were at one point issued to more than one million people in western Japan.

Cimaron followed Typhoon Soulik, which passed through southern Japan earlier this week, bringing heavy rain to parts of the main southern island of Kyushu.The typhoon is the latest weather front to batter Japan, which has also been sweating through a record and deadly heatwave.

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