The dog wear skate shoe , Former skate player who took the dog just before the euthanasia

HERE is a blog story with live video of dog wearing skate shoe. There are dogs of the motor nerve batugun who do various arts, the skateboard and surfing in the world, surprising us human beings.

Benny who lives in Las Vegas, USA, is one of such unique dogs. A talent bloomed as he met his owner Sheryl.

According to overseas media “People”, Benny will be put on the euthanasia list after spending six months at an animal protection shelter in Utah. Fortunately, another life in Vegas decided to take over Benny, so his life was connected.

But after moving to the shelter in Las Vegas, he seems to have found nobody trying to become his family somehow.

It was Sheryl who first saw a picture of Benny like that at first sight.
The owner is a former professional ice skater
Mr. Sheryl was a former professional ice skating player and had been an ice skating instructor for many years after retirement.

One day she decided to make a support video of a Nevada state professional ice hockey team ‘Vegas Golden Nights’ with the advice of a friend who is a photographer.

So Benny dressed up a team uniform and took a picture with a stick of ice hockey, the movie was a big hit with social media.
Sheryl would say, “Let’s teach Benny skating” as Benny looked very happy on the skating rink when shooting this video.

And I made special skate shoes and tried it out, Benny said that she began to slide.
The unusual “dog that makes ice skating” in the world Benny’s information gradually spread, so that it is introduced in TV programs.

And Benny finally played a charming auction venue for the first time in my heart’s desire with the players of Vegas Golden Nights.

Benny’s talent who bloomed as a result of encountering with Sheryl. He will continue to make a lot of people smile as “Ice Skating Dog”.

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