The Japanese Princess Mako And Her Commoner Boyfriend Komuro Kei Are Finally Married

The Japanese Princess Mako has successfully married her college love Kei Komuro, thereby leaving behind her title as a princess. According to Japanese law, the female members of the imperial family will leave behind their titles after marrying “commoners”; however, male members do not.

Japan’s Princess Mako hugs her sister Princess Kako and they are watched by her parents, Crown Prince Akishino and Crown Princess Kiko, before leaving her home for her marriage in Akasaka Estate in Tokyo, Japan October 26, 2021 in this photo taken by Kyodo. Kyodo/via REUTERS

An official representative from the Imperial Household Agency filed the marriage certificate with the municipal government on behalf of the couple. This marks her official departure from the Royal title.

Mako officially took a leave from the Imperial family’s Akasaka Estate today morning. Her family, the Crown Prince, Princess Akishino, and her younger sister Princess Kako saw her off.

The couple will relocate to the US after marriage, where Mr. Komuro is a lawyer. This move draws comparisons to the British royal couple Meghan Markle and Prince Harry leaving the palace and has earned the newlyweds the title “Japan’s Harry and Meghan.”

Much like Ms. Markle, Mr. Komuro has also come under scrutiny after the relationship between him and Ms. Mako became public. Recently, his ponytail hairstyle became quite the topic of criticism after his return to Japan.

Princesses can receive a lump-sum amount after getting married, but she refuses to accept the cash. Also, the couple won’t have a traditional ceremony for their wedding, which would have been reserved only for Imperial family members. The pair will be in front of approximately 50 journalists in a Hotel in Tokyo at the end of the daytime. 

Reporters may only make inquiries in advance. The agency claims Mako was highly concerned about specific questions and a physician advised the couple to submit all answers to the questions in writing.

During April, in the middle of the month, Imperial Household Agency released a statement stating that Mako was diagnosed with PTSD following a series of public outrages.

Protesters hold banners during a march against the marriage between Japan’s Princess Mako and her fiance Kei Komuro in Tokyo, Japan, October 26, 2021. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

On Tuesday, protesters were protesting against the wedding in a Japanese park. 

In a press conference held on Tuesday in a press conference, Ms. Mako expressed her regrets for any ill effects caused to the people through her marriage.

NHK reports the statement of the princess as, “I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused, and I am grateful for those… who have continued to support me.” She added, “For me, Kei is irreplaceable – marriage was a necessary choice for us.”

Mr. Kumuro also backed his wife and added that he loved Ms. Mako and would like to live his entire life alongside her.

Despite the minor inconveniences, the couple is now together as a husband and wife, and we wish both of them a happy life ahead. 


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