Japanese Hotel that’s been running for 1300 years by the Same Japanese Family for 46 Generations

In the Komatsu city of Ishikawa Prefecture lies Hoshi, a Ryokan which is a traditional Japanese Inn. What’s interesting about this place is that it is the longest family-run institution globally and the second oldest hotel to exist to date. The ryokan was built in 718 AD and has been run by the same family for 46 generations. You’ve read that right. FOR 46 GENERATIONS!!

Hoshi Ryokan Japan

Japan has deep traditions. You’ll find yourself dealing with problems that most people can’t even imagine when you are born into a family who is the caretaker of an institution 1300-years-old. This is especially true if you are the daughter of the Hoshi family. A modern woman who wants freedom from tradition is expected by the history and practice of the family.

The brief documentary above presents the story of Hoshi the Ryokan. German filmmaker Fritz Schumann shot this documentary in 2014.
Hoshi Ryokan Owners
The Hoshi family’s contribution to their inn is an excellent example of how family assets serve as a foundation for a business strategy that works. Family ideals are the foundation of this inn’s operation.

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