The Most Expensive Bonsai Trees Around The World

Bonsai trees are living artifacts. Some Bonsai trees can be hundreds of years old. These trees are precious and can be sold for a very high price. However, Bonsai can be purchased at your local garden center for a small amount.

expensive bonsai trees

Bonsai trees are available in all sizes, shapes, and prices. A few dollars for a young, small plant can go up to a plant that sells for more than a million dollars in Japan.

Here are some examples of high-end Bonsai trees. It might be a question you are asking: “What makes bonsai trees expensive?” The price of a Bonsai tree depends on its age, aesthetic qualities, and other factors, such as a thick trunk with fine ramification and natural taper.

Most expensive bonsai trees

A centuries-old Pine was the most expensive Bonsai tree, princed at 1.3 million US Dollars and it was sold at the International Bonsai Convention, Takamatsu, Japan.


expensive bonsai trees

This stunning Juniper Bonsai Tree went for the price of  350,000 USD


The stunning Juniper Bonsai Tree shown in Taikan-ten exhibit priced at 180,000 USD.


As the price tag suggests, this white pine bonsai tree is exquisitely priced at ¥18,000,000 or 155862USD.


This bonsai tree has a hefty price tag of ¥12,000,000. 


World-renowned Bonsai Master Masahiko Kimura (Left) and Mr. Seiji Morimae, a Bonsai artist specialized in Bonsai display (Right) and the owner of the Company S-Cube specializing in Bonsai Trees posing in front of a 30,000 USD Bonsai Tree.


A 90,000 USD Bonsai Tree


Not a Bonsai Tree but A very expensive (150,000 USD) Bonsai Tree Pot!


Source: BonsaiEmpire

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