This Anteater In Japanese Aquarium Proves That There is No Bridge Too Far For Food

Food is the most Basic need we all know about it and this video inside the aquarium in Japan Proves that there is no need of Bridge for Food For most of us, when food is in sight and hunger takes over, we are willing to drop everything and impress ourselves with just how fast we can make a dash for a hot plate of food hitting the table.


This Video is really beyond the amazing level. If you were to put the obstacle of water in between yourself and the food, however, most of us would give up the fight and not burn the calories we are about to wolf down.

Fortunately, the never-say-die of Don-Kun is here to inspire us to go the distance, as this anteater stretches out adorably to steal food from some birds.

Don-Kun takes up residence at the Sunshine Aquarium in Ikebukuro, Japan. While he’s obviously a big fan of ants, he just can’t help himself when it comes to the food that is meant for the birds of the aquarium. The determined little anteater isn’t about to let some water get in his way, though.

Displaying some acrobatic stretching technique and old fashioned anteater determination, Don-Kun goes the extra mile to snag himself some food–although once he gets it he has given himself the problem of getting back to his starting point!

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