This Fried Prawn Lounge Suit Is The Most Comfortable Thing Ever

Buying gifts can be hard. It’s always difficult to predict whether the other person will actually use your gift or just “regift” it a few weeks later.

But what if you could buy someone a cozy lounge suit that would make them look like a giant piece of fried prawn tempura? Obviously, this would solve all your gift-giving problems.

This Fried Prawn Wearable Sleeping Bag is literally the coziest thing you can wear while lounging around your house. It’s basically a soft sleeping bag that also has leg pieces and arm holes, meaning the wearer can go about their daily activities without actually ever leaving the comfort of their bedding.

This Fried Prawn Lounge Suit Is The Most Comfortable Thing Ever

This adorable sleeping bag is soft and fluffy like a bathrobe. It comes in three pieces: the body piece and the two prawn fins the look like little boots to keep your legs warm. Becuase of the functionality of this prawn suit, we think it might just be the best loungewear outfit we’ve ever seen.

Trust us, if you buy this suit for your friend’s birthday, they will love you forever. You really can’t go wrong here. And the gift will be even more impactful if you pickup a second one to match them with. What says “best friends forever” better than matching prawn suits?

You can buy the suit for $82.95 USD here.

Source:sora news

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