“This is a real Halloween” A surprise voice to the appearance of overseas children

Talent Yoshikawa Hina who relocated to Los Angeles, USA (LA) in September 2018. My husband, my daughter, my son and my family are starting a new life.

Such a Yoshikawa-san updated blog on November 1, the same year. I posted the state of Halloween for the first time since I came to LA.

Yoshikawa Hina says “Original figure of Halloween”
Yoshikawa’s daughter is a butterfly, and her son is a small monster. Yoshikawa himself is also looking like an Egyptian princess.

However, the main characters are children only.

A cute figure is posted.
Mr. Yoshikawa’s Instagram runs around the houses with a small bucket and the appearance of children who receive sweets is also posted. It is made to be refreshing to the appearance of children who enjoys Halloween from the bottom of my heart.

A lot of comments citing “Shibuya Halloween” that ended in a fuss in Mr. Yoshikawa’s contribution were received.
Some people, but unlike Halloween just gathering and making noise, it is very cute.
It is completely different from some misunderstanding Halloween in Japan. I think this is a real Halloween. I want to entertain children like this Halloween. I wonder if Japan could do this as well.

Of course, there are Halloween children enjoying in Japan like LA. Shibuya Halloween ‘s turmoil and the actions of people who can not keep some manners are only close – ups.

Nonetheless, if you are looking to enjoy Halloween in costumes, you would like to show these figures to children.

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