This Japanese comedian gets standing ovation for crotch-covering antics in France (Video)

Got Talent series regular Wes-P tries again, this time in the land of Voltaire and Sartre.

The threat of male nudity has been a big part of the Japanese comedy scene recently with performers such as Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura and his illusionary “naked” poses or the fast hands of Akira 100% appearing on stage with nothing but a plate in front of his manhood.

It generally goes over well on Japanese TV, but how would it carry over to the rest of the world? To find out, Japanese comedian Wes-P (a.k.a Mr. Uekusa) took his own brand of humorously ducking public indecency charges on the road to France, recently appearing on their version of the “Got Talent” series, La France a un Incroyable Talent.

Let’s watch!

As you can see, the French judges and audiences were all thrilled by this new take on the old table cloth trick and treated Wes-P to a standing ovation.

Many Japanese netizens were pleased by the success according to comments online, but others weren’t quite sure who Wes-P was or where he came from.

“Hahaha! That is so stupid!”
“He’s no Akira 100%.”
“Wait is this guy famous in Japan?”
“Japan is a leader in the naked arts. Let us show our pride to the world.”
“That’s average stuff here, but I’m glad the French got a kick out of it.”
“That was great from beginning to end!”
“A star is born.”
“I blame Austin Powers for all this.”
“That was fantastic, but he’s got to be careful.”

Indeed, this type of comedy frequently results in mishaps that seem to ought to result in criminal charges such as the following prop malfunction that occurred during a Japanese television appearance.

After getting quickly disposed of in the US, and advancing far but falling short in the UK, is France finally the land of success for Wes-P? if not there’s always Asia’s Got Talent, Belgium’s Got Talent, Cambodia’s Got Talent, Danmark hal talent, Das Supertalent… um, Die grössten Schweizer Talente… You get the idea.

Source: Twitter/@uespiiiiii, Kinisoku
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