This Japanese Robot Provides Extra Service In Hotels

This Japanese Robot Provides Extra Service In Hotels

Meet Hospi, a robot created by Japanese electronics manufacturing giant Panasonic to serve basic human needs in public places.

Just recently, Panasonic expanded Hospi’s services to a hotel in Narita where it serves complimentary water to guests while also announcing bus schedules in various languages.

Hospi was unveiled by Panasonic back in 2004 and was initially programmed to provide services in hospitals.

Its main task was to safely deliver medicine and other delicate specimen from floor to floor so doctors, nurses and other hospital staff can focus on more important tasks.

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Hospi does this by storing the medicine inside his torso which is secured by an ID system to ensure contents are not stolen. It can also sort medicines accurately based on its program.

And the best part? Hospi can access elevators remotely through its system software. Now that is cool.

Panasonic will further be expanding Hospi’s services to airports where it will be programmed to collect the dirty dishes.


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