This Japanese Teen Shows Off His Style Very Crazily In Tokyo’s Fashion District

Japanese Teen Shows Off Crazy Unique Style in Tokyo’s Famous Fashion District
A 15-year-old teenager with a very odd and yet interesting, taste in fashion is now becoming famous online after being pictured by an online fashion magazine on Omotesando-dori in Harajuku, Tokyo’s iconic and central district for cosplay and fashion.

The teen, only identified by his supposed first name Hikaru, attracted the attention of publication Tokyo Fashion with his eye-catching combination of attire, which consists of: “long black pinstripe blazer worn over his head, styled with a white collared shirt, two diagonally-striped neckties, and black Yohji Yamamoto pants.

Black leather Foot The Coacher shoes, and accessories – some from Yohji Yamamoto – such as round tortoiseshell eyeglasses, an ID necklace, silver chains, silver knuckle rings, and white rope connecting his blazer and tied at his knees,” as described by the fashion magazine in its article.

It turns out that this isn’t the first time that Hikaru showcased this rather eccentric fashion on the streets of Harajuku. He wore the same combination of clothes back in June, as can be seen in the post he made with a hashtag in the caption that translates to “The elementary school student who tried hard to make his dad’s clothes fashionable,” according to SoraNews24.
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