Tinder Opens ‘SwipeMart,’ An Adult Convenience Store In Japan.

Japanese convenience stores, where pretty much everything you want can be bought at any time of the day or night, are a well-loved feature of daily life in Japan. But over the past weekend, a brand-new convenience store in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood opened its doors, offering something that other shops don’t typically stock: love and passion.


The dating service Tinder operated a convenience store called SwipeMart. It only ran from September 16 to 19, but it was such a huge success that there are plans for it to run longer.

The convenience store, which catered to people over 18, offered some nice freebies for Tinder users, including a choice of long-sleeved T-shirts, socks, or jocks.

Tshirts, socks and undergarments

Free gift upon entry from the four listed above (only for those above 18)

Additionally, Tinder users received some inventive food and beverages, such as chips, alcoholic sour, ramen, and a “Tinder Chiki”. Similar to Family Mart’s Famichiki, Tinder Chiki was designed to be shared with your ideal match and was offered in a two-pack for purchase.

Each adult Tinder user over the age of 18 who entered the venue receives one of each of these for free.

There was no minimum age to access “Tinder’s Youth Convenience Store” before 10 p.m. However, visitors wearing school uniforms were always turned away.

SwipeMart after 10pm

SwipeMart turned into an over-18-only area after 10 o’clock.

Before entering the convenience store, patrons were urged to download the Tinder app. So, they could take advantage of the numerous freebies and photograph their Tinder profile on the captivating photo wall.

Photo wall in SwipeMart

With the alluring possibility that a match could occur at any moment, driving you towards the romance of your dreams, SwipeMart encapsulated all the joy of teenage culture against the backdrop of a convenience shop.

Teenage girl Infront of SwipeMart

Although it’s a shame, SwipeMart was only open in Shibuya for a short period, given the lineups that formed outside before it opened and the internet buzz it generated. Another SwipeMart may very well be in the works. We would swipe right for that.


Source: SORANEWS24

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